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There are a lot of choices available when you need a transmission, such as used transmissions, rebuilt transmissions, and remanufactured transmissions. Choose the superior option: Remanufactured. We specialize in quality, remanufactured transmissions for both domestic and foreign cars and light trucks. In addition to a full line of the more common automatic transmissions, we also stock many hard to find automatic transmissions, or alternatively, we can offer a custom remanufacturing of your existing transmission with a fast turnaround time. We maintain a huge inventory of quality, name brand parts such as Borg-Warner, ZF, Raybestos, Superior, Alto Red Eagle, Long, Dynex, Lubegard, Sonnax, Transgo, Toledo Trans- kit, Transtec, and Allomatic, so we are rarely waiting on parts needed to complete the custom remanufactured jobs. We are also one of the few remanufacturers in the country that has its own in-house Torque Converter production line, with a remanufactured torque converter included with your remanufactured transmission at no additional charge (unlike a number of our competitors).        Please click on your auto's Make and Model on the Transmissions page, find your model, year, and transmission type, then add the Core Deposit to the Price to reach your subtotal. Then click on the Freight Zone map and add the freight to your location for the final price. Even if you do not see your particular transmission listed, please call or e-mail us as we often have, or can locate, that hard to find unit that you need. We also offer THE TERMINATOR series of Extreme Performance Transmissions, which are built specifically for hard core off-road and towing use. 

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Many people ask us about what the differences are between used transmissions (sold by others), rebuilt transmissions (sold by others) and remanufactured transmissions (sold by us). While these last two terms sometimes tend to be used interchangeably by the consumer, and even by some in the industry, there are substantial differences: A used transmission is just that. These are removed from wrecked or scrapped vehicles and sold by junkyards. They are typically not inspected, tested, nor carry much of a warranty, if any at all. Its internal condition is totally in question, hence this is not a recommended option. A rebuilt transmission typically only corrects the failed and worn parts, and many times are re-using the other parts as-is, or replacing the parts from another used transmission. We would consider this to be a much less reliable product than our own. At Transmissions Express, our transmissions undergo a much more extensive remanufacturing process in which the completed transmission meets or exceeds the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. In this process, the following takes place: The transmission is completely disassembled, and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for defects.  The valve body has been disassembled, all parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for defects.     Electrical/electronic components, such as solenoids (if equipped) have been inspected, tested, and if needed, replaced with new or remanufactured components.       “Soft” parts, such as seals, gaskets, o-rings, etc. are replaced with new.       “Hard” parts, such as planetary gears, shafts, pumps, etc. are thoroughly inspected for defects; Any worn, damaged, or out of spec parts are replaced with new.       Remanufactured Torque Converter supplied at no additional charge (unlike some competitors)       Each Transmission is Dynamometer tested for proper operation prior to shipping (subject to test machine software availability for the particular model)       In summary, we consider our remanufactured transmissions to be far superior to the rebuilt transmissions offered by others in the industry. We do it right the first time, which is why we are able to offer such an outstanding 5 year/100,000 mile limited warranty at no additional charge.

Transmission Maintenance

Automatic Transmissions are perhaps the most complicated components in today’s automobile, not to mention also being one of the most expensive as well. The modern automatic transmission contains hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, and computer control systems, all working together in harmony under normal conditions. Like any complex machine, proper care and maintenance of your transmission is critical to its long service life. Proper care and maintenance is also critical to your safety, as some types of transmission problems could cause the vehicle to stall, roll while in Park, or jump gears unexpectedly. The best source of information about your particular vehicle is the Owner’s Manual provided by the manufacturer. In it, you will find out how to operate the transmission, how to check its fluid level, what type of fluid to use, and recommended service intervals. Here are some general tips in taking care of your transmission. 1.  Periodically check the transmission fluid level (every 6,000 miles/6 months if not otherwise specified in the Owner’s Manual, more often under extreme usage). Most automatic transmissions have a dipstick that is marked with the proper fluid level. If the fluid level is low, check underneath for leaks, locate the source of the leakage and make repairs.Fluid levels should be checked while the vehicle is on a level surface and after the engine has been running for at least 15 minutes.   2.  Change the fluid and filter as often as recommended in the owner’s manual, or when the fluid appears dirty (brownish in color). Typical recommended intervals are every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, even more frequently for heavy duty use. The quickie fluid changes promoted by some of the fast oil change businesses leaves behind 30-40 percent of the old fluid, as well as any solids collected on the pan.   3.  Ensure that the correct type of transmission fluid as specified in the Owner’s Manual is used. Using an incorrect fluid can quickly cause major damage. Don’t assume that all Ford vehicles use Type F, check the Owner’s Manual.   4.  Never shift to Park or Reverse unless the vehicle is at a complete stop.   5.  Do not drive on hard pavement while in 4 wheel drive (unless a full time 4wd or AWD vehicle).   The vast majority of transmission problems are the the result of overheating. This can occur as a result of hauling a heavy load, towing a heavy trailer, spinning tires in the mud or snow, stop and go traffic, etc. As fluid temperatures increase, the fluid loses its lubricating properties, resulting in mechanical wear and the leaving of deposits to further cause wear of internal components. Further, high temperatures affect the sealing abiltiies of rubber seals and gaskets, eventually allowing them to leak fluid. Transmission coolers can be integral with the vehicles radiator or may be a separate cooler. In many cases a larger aftermarket cooler can be installed in regular hauling of heavy loads or trailers is anticipated. As always, follow the Owner’s Manual recommendations.

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